August 26, 2020 Uncategorized


CANTON—Wednesday, Politico reports that four US service members have been injured in a confrontation with Russian forces in Eastern Syria. The Pentagon has confirmed these reports after videos of the skirmish appeared on social media. This tragic news comes 61 days after The New York Times broke the news that Russia paid the Taliban bounties to kill US and allied soldiers in Afghanistan– and 56 days after we learned that Elise Stefanik has skipped months of House Intelligence Committee hearings — six meetings in all.

“The increase in Russian aggression toward US forces in the Middle East is a direct result of Elise Stefanik’s failed leadership,” said Cobb. “Not only has Stefanik skipped months of important hearings, she has refused to speak up in defense of American troops — including soldiers at Fort Drum.”

“From her position on the House Intelligence and House Armed Services Committees, Stefanik should be doing everything in her power to prevent further attempts by Russia to kill and maim more Americans. Maybe she’s been so busy writing her speech for tonight’s Republican convention that she just hasn’t had time to speak out about the fact that Vladimir Putin is targeting our troops and the president refuses to do anything about it.”


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