Cobb Speaks About Costs, Benefits of Single-Payer System

Tedra L. Cobb, Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional District, has focused on health care as a central part of her campaign since entering the race. “The driving point is health care for all,” she said. “This is core, this is central, to why I’m running.” Ms. Cobb has been open to different solutions, including a Medicare for All program or a proposal that lowers the age for Medicare to 50 and expands the Affordable Care Act. Last week, Medicare for All, or at least the proposal put forward by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., made headlines after a Libertarian think tank, the Mercatus Center, published an analysis of the plan saying it would cost the government $32.6 trillion more over …

Tedra Cobb Discusses the Future of Health Care in Watertown During Trump’s Visit

“It affects people’s lives in northern New York, it’s not theoretical issues just to be discussed in Washington, we need to discuss them here,” she said. “The reality is, repealing the Affordable Care Act will cut off services to people who need health care.”

Letter: Comparing Two Candidacies for Congress

I must confess that I was somewhat amused by Howard Hirsch’s letter to the editor on June 25 criticizing the Watertown Daily Times for providing “free advertising” to Tedra Cobb, specifically letters from Tedra’s supporters, while not printing “even one letter in support of Elise Stefanik.” First of all, the Watertown Daily Times saw fit to print Mr. Hirsch’s letter, so his claim is incorrect. Beyond that, it is patently ridiculous to compare Tedra Cobb’s grass-roots campaign, limited budget and growing base of loyal supporters to Rep. Stefanik’s Washington-insider based campaign, funded with millions of dollars from special interest groups and dark money sources. Tedra Cobb is a wonderful, passionate and energetic candidate who cares deeply about the residents of …

Letter: Stefanik Gets Facts Wrong on Cobb’s Record

Voters want the facts, not “gotcha” name-calling and “hyper-political” rhetoric. Elise Stefanik is labeling Tedra Cobb a “tax and spend liberal.” Stefanik claimed that Cobb voted to increase taxes more than 20 times as a St. Lawrence County legislator. By checking the source,, you find the Stefanik campaign repeatedly misread or purposely misled. Its statements are mostly flat-out wrong. At, a deceptive chart shows progressively increased tax levies. This reflects economic growth and inflation but not an increase in the tax rate. Stefanik seemingly confused tax levy, tax rate and assessed valuation. From 2007 to 2011, the tax levy increased by 21.15 percent; the assessed valuation increased by 24.56 percent; and the tax rate decreased by 2.72 percent, from …

Addressing Gun Violence

Gun violence can no longer be an issue elected officials are too squeamish to touch. If our representatives are so afraid of political consequences that they refuse to act, they have no business in Congress.

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