Fact Check: Stefanik’s ‘Clear Choice’ Ad Exaggerates Tax Claims

  An Elise Stefanik TV ad that the campaign calls “Clear Choice” leads with the assertion that “Tedra Cobb voted to raise taxes 20 times. Taxing everything from candy to water to gas.” Tedra Cobb, a Democrat, is running against Republican incumbent Stefanik for the congressional seat in New York’s 21st District. The Stefanik campaign sent out a press release about the ad that includes a link to a list of sources, most of them resolutions from the St. Lawrence County Legislature, where Cobb served for eight years, from 2002 to 2010. The resolutions are a mixed bag. Four are the Legislature’s annual resolutions to adopt the county budget, from 2008 through 2011. In each of those four years, Cobb …

June 21, 2018 , ,

Teens for Tedra: Meet Joey

Joey is a graduating senior from Saratoga Springs High School who is casting his first vote for Tedra Cobb. As someone starting his post secondary education in the fall, Joey wants to make sure he sends someone to Congress who cares deeply about education. That someone is Tedra Cobb.

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