Letter: Comparing Two Candidacies for Congress

I must confess that I was somewhat amused by Howard Hirsch’s letter to the editor on June 25 criticizing the Watertown Daily Times for providing “free advertising” to Tedra Cobb, specifically letters from Tedra’s supporters, while not printing “even one letter in support of Elise Stefanik.” First of all, the Watertown Daily Times saw fit to print Mr. Hirsch’s letter, so his claim is incorrect. Beyond that, it is patently ridiculous to compare Tedra Cobb’s grass-roots campaign, limited budget and growing base of loyal supporters to Rep. Stefanik’s Washington-insider based campaign, funded with millions of dollars from special interest groups and dark money sources. Tedra Cobb is a wonderful, passionate and energetic candidate who cares deeply about the residents of …

Letter: Research Will Lead Voters to Support Cobb

Congratulations to Tedra Cobb on winning the New York District 21 Democratic primary with an overwhelming majority on June 26. We now need to continue that momentum and work together to get Tedra Cobb’s ethical and intelligent voice to Washington! She will help set a new tone and work hard for the residents of our district in New York state. When Elise Stefanik recently called Ms. Cobb “the out-of-touch, liberal, hyper-partisan, tax-and-spend candidate” (Watertown Daily Times, Friday, June 29), she apparently did not do her research. During Ms. Cobb’s time as a member of the St. Lawrence County Legislature from 2002 to 2010, all budgets passed with broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, and the tax rate in St. Lawrence County …

Letter: Stefanik Gets Facts Wrong on Cobb’s Record

Voters want the facts, not “gotcha” name-calling and “hyper-political” rhetoric. Elise Stefanik is labeling Tedra Cobb a “tax and spend liberal.” Stefanik claimed that Cobb voted to increase taxes more than 20 times as a St. Lawrence County legislator. By checking the source, https://www.stlawco.org/Departments/BoardofLegislators/BoardMeetingMinuteArchives, you find the Stefanik campaign repeatedly misread or purposely misled. Its statements are mostly flat-out wrong. At taxntedra.com, a deceptive chart shows progressively increased tax levies. This reflects economic growth and inflation but not an increase in the tax rate. Stefanik seemingly confused tax levy, tax rate and assessed valuation. From 2007 to 2011, the tax levy increased by 21.15 percent; the assessed valuation increased by 24.56 percent; and the tax rate decreased by 2.72 percent, from …

Letter: Stefanik Not Telling Truth About Cobb

  Today (Aug. 7) in a Facebook post, Elise Stefanik made several claims about her opponent that are clear distortions of fact. Never mind that Ms. Stefanik is now resorting to infantile name-calling; she’s also making claims about her opponent that are blatantly untrue. Ms. Stefanik said that, “As a St. Lawrence County Legislator, Taxin’ Tedra Cobb voted 20 times to increase your taxes all while bankrupting the county.” Fact: The bills in question, as Tedra Cobb has reiterated time and again, were bipartisan bills, the focus of which was local control — something Republicans usually like. And bankrupting the county? What on earth? I just got off the phone with the St. Lawrence County treasurer’s office which confirmed that …

June 8, 2018

Opinion: Cobb will address concerns and questions truthfully, says former North Country Children’s Clinic CEO

Friday, June 8, 2018 – 7:51 am To the Editor: I met Tedra Cobb 18 years ago in Canton. at the initial 21st Century Project session hosted by the Northern NY Community Foundation. Tedra was sitting in the midst of many powerful, community leaders (mostly men) from Lewis, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties. Tedra was nursing her infant son. She smiled at me. I was in awe of her obvious comfort engaging in this natural, maternal activity that often sends men scurrying for the nearest cloak room! Later that day, I was even more impressed by this North Country native’s knowledge of our region: its strengths, human needs and economic opportunities. Tedra, so intelligent and articulate as she spoke of …

June 3, 2018 ,

Opinion: Replace Stefanik with Experienced Candidate, says Former St. Lawrence University VP for Finance

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 – 8:22 am To the Editor: I was once impressed by the smart young woman that is our Congressional representative in the 21st District. I thought her energy, drive and ambition would serve her well in representing her constituents. But I’m afraid we can no longer wait for Elise Stefanik to gain sufficient experience to understand that diverting funds from food stamps to ‘provide a path out of poverty for the families it benefits’ takes food off those North County families’ tables and provides them with slim to no chance of making it out of poverty. We can’t wait for her to see that putting ‘school resource officers’ in our schools doesn’t stop gun violence in …

Letter: Tedra Cobb could defeat Rep. Stefanik

Editor: This June 26, the 21st District Congressional primary will determine the challenger to the incumbent, Elise Stefanik, for the November election. Tedra Cobb is the candidate who can defeat Stefanik. Despite a few symbolic “moderate” votes in Congress, Stefanik has been a loyal supporter of President Trump and GOP congressional leadership and would continue on this path. The outcome of the November election will have significant national and regional consequences. It is urgent for citizens to vote. Nationally, the Republican Party has become the party of Donald Trump. Republicans in the House of Representatives will continue to come under intense pressure to support him, side with him, and put the president first and foremost, not the voters. The House …

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Blog: I’m Supporting Tedra Cobb

I haven’t been following the news much lately. I’m not up to date with all the illegal things Donald Trump did as reported by CNN, or all the evidence that Democrats want to tear apart the constitution as elaborated on Fox News. This is all tongue in cheek, of course, but whenever I open my iPad, it sure seems to be our new reality. In any case, I’ve been too busy for all that. I’ve been busy building support for Tedra Cobb to represent the North Country of New York as our next representative to the US Congress. I’ve been meeting her supporters, organizing with other volunteers, and trying to find innovative ways to introduce all 780,000 people in NY21 …

April 12, 2018 ,

Liberal Vermonters Look Across The Border To Sway Upstate New York Voters

Brian Mann April 12, 2018 NRP A crowd of Vermonters packed into Chris Shaw’s living room this spring, not to hear about local politicians, but to meet a Democrat running for a House seat in upstate New York’s 21st Congressional District. People here are part of a national trend among progressive-tilting voters. They appear energized and eager to vote in November’s midterm election. Many say they hope to tip the balance of power in Congress away from Republicans, away from the party of President Trump. Read the full article on National Public Radio.

April 12, 2018 ,

Cobb represents hope

Letter to the Editor April 12, 2018 Press Republican There are many complex problems around the world that now make things seem less hopeful or safe for coming generations. Changes in weather have brought hardship, even loss of life, in our country alone. There seems to also be a turning away from others by disregarding their humanity and denying basic human needs. We have elected officials who pay their greatest heed to corporations and their insatiable profit lines. Average citizens are fundamentally dismissed when a sham of a national budget is passed and then told it will be good for us. Tax cuts may appease us for the moment. But, there is a hidden agenda to change circumstances to a …

April 11, 2018 ,

Tedra Cobb for the North Country

Letter to the Editor April 11, 2018 Adirondack Daily Enterprise I enthusiastically endorse Tedra Cobb for Congress. Here’s why: Tedra has worked and brought her family up in the North Country, so she understands our challenges, our needs and our communities. She has twice been elected to public office, showing that she knows how to work with the diverse people and interests that make our district unique. Her professional life has been built around collaboration and listening, skills that are sorely missing in today’s national political discourse. These are the qualities I have come to see and know in Tedra, qualities that are unique among the other Republican and Democratic candidates. These are the qualities I believe we need to …

Stefanik campaign files signatures for four ballot lines

Pete Demola The Sun April 10, 2018 ELIZABETHTOWN, NY — Rep. Elise Stefanik’s re-election campaign announced Monday it has filed over 8,500 signatures across four party ballot lines with the state Board of Elections. CHALLENGERS CIRCULATING Seven Democrats have announced campaigns to deny the lawmaker a third term, and have also been circulating petitions ahead of this week’s filing deadline. Most campaigns have indicated to The Sun they have enough signatures to make the ballot, a measure that will trigger a primary election on June 26. Tedra Cobb, a former St. Lawrence County lawmaker, wrapped up a two-day, 450-mile tour of New York’s 21st Congressional District on Monday, and is scheduled to submit what her campaign said was “thousands of petition …

April 10, 2018 , ,

Statement From Tedra

“After a two-day, 450-mile tour with stops in each of the 12-counties in NY21, I’m proud to deliver more than 5,300 signatures to represent the people of northern New York on the Democratic line in November.”

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Cobb turns in signatures to be put on ballot for NY-District 21

Bernie Lange April 10, 2018 My Champlain Valley A grass roots campaign for a Democratic spot in the Congressional race for New York’s 21st district. Tedra Cobb delivered thousands of petitions signatures to put on the ballot as a Democratic candidate in November’s general election. Cobb is a North Country entrepreneur but she does have a background in public office. She ran for and won a seat for the St. Lawrence County Legislature in 2001. “After a 2 day tour through 12 counties in New York’s 21st Congressional District, I am honored and proud to deliver 5,300 (signatures) and a bit more.” The incumbent is Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who was first elected in 2014. Watch the video at My Champlain Valley.

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