Cobb will oppose erosion of our democracy

I met Tedra Cobb at last year’s Clinton County Fair, was impressed with her from our first conversation and, after several subsequent conversations, have come to have hope. Were Tedra Cobb our congresswoman, I know she would have opposed the American Healthcare Act, and I would have been able to speak with her personally instead of standing in a parking lot outside a Plattsburgh office during a protest. When she becomes our congresswoman, I am confident that she will raise her voice and cast her votes to combat the raw corruption that is gnawing at the core of our democracy.

Stefanik doesn’t meet with her constituents

How many of us living in New York’s 21st Congressional District have ever met Elise Stefanik? How many have actually been in the same room with her? We gave her a job when we elected her to Congress. Since then, she has shown little interest in getting to know the north country people and the unique challenges facing us.

Letter to the Editor: Count on Tedra Cobb to protect your healthcare

Stefanik has never lived in the district, but Tedra Cobb on the other hand actually lives in the North Country and understands that health care is a huge issue for most of us. For 30 years, Tedra has lived and served her community in St. Lawrence County. She’s been a volunteer firefighter, served on the county Legislature and founded a health service organization. She built her business here and knows and cares about the people in her district. She raised her family here. As a member of Congress, you can count on Tedra to vote to protect you, the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Letter: Comparing Two Candidacies for Congress

I must confess that I was somewhat amused by Howard Hirsch’s letter to the editor on June 25 criticizing the Watertown Daily Times for providing “free advertising” to Tedra Cobb, specifically letters from Tedra’s supporters, while not printing “even one letter in support of Elise Stefanik.” First of all, the Watertown Daily Times saw fit to print Mr. Hirsch’s letter, so his claim is incorrect. Beyond that, it is patently ridiculous to compare Tedra Cobb’s grass-roots campaign, limited budget and growing base of loyal supporters to Rep. Stefanik’s Washington-insider based campaign, funded with millions of dollars from special interest groups and dark money sources. Tedra Cobb is a wonderful, passionate and energetic candidate who cares deeply about the residents of …

Letter: Research Will Lead Voters to Support Cobb

Congratulations to Tedra Cobb on winning the New York District 21 Democratic primary with an overwhelming majority on June 26. We now need to continue that momentum and work together to get Tedra Cobb’s ethical and intelligent voice to Washington! She will help set a new tone and work hard for the residents of our district in New York state. When Elise Stefanik recently called Ms. Cobb “the out-of-touch, liberal, hyper-partisan, tax-and-spend candidate” (Watertown Daily Times, Friday, June 29), she apparently did not do her research. During Ms. Cobb’s time as a member of the St. Lawrence County Legislature from 2002 to 2010, all budgets passed with broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, and the tax rate in St. Lawrence County …

Letter: Stefanik Campaign Misleads on Tedra Cobb

One of the things that was notable about the Democratic primary was that candidates were, in general, highly respectful of one another. The tone has now changed. The incumbent Elise Stefanik has entered the ring, and her campaign showed zero hesitation, launching misleading attack ads in less than 12 hours. First, Stefanik made a Facebook post claiming that this was a divisive primary, despite that Tedra Cobb had 56 percent of the vote. That’s a landslide in a field of five. She also claimed that Tedra was “out of touch,” which is contradictory in light of the army of volunteers Tedra has amassed and the fact that she has lived in Canton for most of her adult life. Stefanik’s claims …

Letter: Stefanik Gets Facts Wrong on Cobb’s Record

Voters want the facts, not “gotcha” name-calling and “hyper-political” rhetoric. Elise Stefanik is labeling Tedra Cobb a “tax and spend liberal.” Stefanik claimed that Cobb voted to increase taxes more than 20 times as a St. Lawrence County legislator. By checking the source,, you find the Stefanik campaign repeatedly misread or purposely misled. Its statements are mostly flat-out wrong. At, a deceptive chart shows progressively increased tax levies. This reflects economic growth and inflation but not an increase in the tax rate. Stefanik seemingly confused tax levy, tax rate and assessed valuation. From 2007 to 2011, the tax levy increased by 21.15 percent; the assessed valuation increased by 24.56 percent; and the tax rate decreased by 2.72 percent, from …

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