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Letter: Tedra Cobb has a sensible health care plan

A CNBC study in 2013 found that three out of five bankruptcy filings were due to medical bills. That represented about 1.7 million Americans. It is the conventional wisdom that bankruptcy is brought on by irresponsible, proliferate credit card spending on consumer goods. That is clearly not the truth. That figure does not even address …

Candidate Conversation: Tedra Cobb for NY-21

Capital Tonight April 10, 2018 Spectrum News Petitions are due this week for congressional candidates who want to be on the ballot in the June primary. More than 12,000 signatures from registered party members are required.  The process could narrow the field in some of the more crowded contests, like the 21st congressional district, where …

Addressing Gun Violence

Gun violence can no longer be an issue elected officials are too squeamish to touch. If our representatives are so afraid of political consequences that they refuse to act, they have no business in Congress.

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