Cobb Speaks About Costs, Benefits of Single-Payer System

Tedra L. Cobb, Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional District, has focused on health care as a central part of her campaign since entering the race. “The driving point is health care for all,” she said. “This is core, this is central, to why I’m running.” Ms. Cobb has been open to different solutions, including a Medicare for All program or a proposal that lowers the age for Medicare to 50 and expands the Affordable Care Act. Last week, Medicare for All, or at least the proposal put forward by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., made headlines after a Libertarian think tank, the Mercatus Center, published an analysis of the plan saying it would cost the government $32.6 trillion more over …

Tedra Cobb Discusses the Future of Health Care in Watertown During Trump’s Visit

“It affects people’s lives in northern New York, it’s not theoretical issues just to be discussed in Washington, we need to discuss them here,” she said. “The reality is, repealing the Affordable Care Act will cut off services to people who need health care.”

Letter: Tedra Cobb has a sensible health care plan

A CNBC study in 2013 found that three out of five bankruptcy filings were due to medical bills. That represented about 1.7 million Americans. It is the conventional wisdom that bankruptcy is brought on by irresponsible, proliferate credit card spending on consumer goods. That is clearly not the truth. That figure does not even address the many who are forced to pay unexpected medical bills with a credit card just to access care and then subsequently file for bankruptcy due to medical bills charged to the credit card. Those bankruptcies will then go on to affect all the other members of the household. Obamacare was not a panacea. But it was a start, a compromise between the ideologues of an …

Health care remains in focus as Dem race enters endgame

PETE DEMOLA JUNE 13, 2018 SARATOGA SPRINGS | Health care continues to animate candidates as they hurdle towards the finish line in a hard-fought Democratic primary contest for New York’s 21st Congressional District. The five hopefuls made their closing arguments to voters Monday in Saratoga Springs for who is best positioned to go up against Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Willsboro) in November: Emily Martz, the unifier and job-creator. Dylan Ratigan, the government reformer and truth-teller. Katie Wilson, working class fighter. Patrick Nelson, populist policy wonk. And Tedra Cobb, health care expert. In a contest with no clear frontrunner, Cobb has pivoted and made health care a centerpiece in the campaign’s waning days, offering a preview of what a potential general election …

Candidate Conversation: Tedra Cobb for NY-21

Capital Tonight April 10, 2018 Spectrum News Petitions are due this week for congressional candidates who want to be on the ballot in the June primary. More than 12,000 signatures from registered party members are required.  The process could narrow the field in some of the more crowded contests, like the 21st congressional district, where several Democrats are lining up to take on Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. Business owner Tedra Cobb announced her candidacy last summer and is confident she will make the cut for June. Watch the interview on Spectrum News.

Addressing Gun Violence

Gun violence can no longer be an issue elected officials are too squeamish to touch. If our representatives are so afraid of political consequences that they refuse to act, they have no business in Congress.

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