Cobb will oppose erosion of our democracy

I met Tedra Cobb at last year’s Clinton County Fair, was impressed with her from our first conversation and, after several subsequent conversations, have come to have hope. Were Tedra Cobb our congresswoman, I know she would have opposed the American Healthcare Act, and I would have been able to speak with her personally instead of standing in a parking lot outside a Plattsburgh office during a protest. When she becomes our congresswoman, I am confident that she will raise her voice and cast her votes to combat the raw corruption that is gnawing at the core of our democracy.

Stefanik doesn’t meet with her constituents

How many of us living in New York’s 21st Congressional District have ever met Elise Stefanik? How many have actually been in the same room with her? We gave her a job when we elected her to Congress. Since then, she has shown little interest in getting to know the north country people and the unique challenges facing us.

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