The Mohawk people are standing with Tedra Cobb

From a letter to the editor on the Watertown Daily Times website published 11/4.

Mohawk people pleased with Cobb’s interest

Our Mohawk people are watching the upcoming congressional elections with great interest. Ours is a growing community of 15,000-plus residents at Akwesasne, and we pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the regional economy. Decisions made in Washington affect us as we strive to preserve our aboriginal heritage, provide for the well-being of our people, and protect our lands and resources for the coming generations.

We are concerned about the lack of diplomacy, cooperation and simple kindness in Congress. The harsh, provocative words of President Donald Trump are adding to the deep divisions that are impeding good government. The decision by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik to adopt a negative campaign and to solicit minors in an effort to undermine her opponent further degenerates the political process. Rather than acknowledge this was a mistake, Rep. Stefanik has grown more strident in her attacks. Such behaviour would not be acceptable among those families who value respect, honesty, dignity and integrity.

Tedra Cobb has met with the Mohawk people. She honoured our elders with a visit and assured our leadership that she was committed to working with us in partnership for the well-being of Northern New York. She listened to our concerns and offered to sponsor job creation projects on our territory. That any congressional candidate would actually come to Akwesasne is the exception, and we give Ms. Cobb thanks for doing so. She actually has the abilities to resolve issues however contentious, which is exactly what a member of Congress must do.

Our ancestral customs reward those who are honest, compassionate and kind with the responsibility of leadership. We discourage those who seek to win at any cost including the compromise of their own morals. For these reasons, the Mohawk people are standing with Tedra Cobb.

Doug George-Kanentiio

Oneida Castle

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