Tedra was quick on her feet and concise in her words

From an article on the Adirondack Daily Enterprise website published 10/25.
Full title: Good first debate
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We didn’t expect debating to be Tedra Cobb’s strongest suit. That would be grassroots organizing, as evidenced by the amazing number of volunteers, campaign signs and letters to the editor in her favor. Also, unlike Stefanik, there’s no question about the Democrat’s full-time residency and local engagement in the North Country. People in St. Lawrence County know she has lived her values of community service and environmentalism for the better part of three decades in the Canton area.

Yet Cobb still had a strong debate. She was quick on her feet and concise in her words, and wisely kept turning arguments back to the fact that Stefanik takes loads of money from corporate interests that lobby Congress against universal health care, environmental protection and Wall Street regulation, and for war machinery. Cobb has no such allegiances outside the North Country. Her fundraising has started catching up with Stefanik’s, but her donors are still predominately individuals from this district.

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