Tedra Cobb’s campaign received a boost of over $5,000 from Indivisible Lowville events

From an article on the Watertown Daily Times website published 10/21.
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LOWVILLE — Democrats, Republicans and Independents all attended a reception for NY-21 congressional candidate Tedra Cobb on Oct. 12.

Hosted by Indivisible Lowville cofounder Lee Vance and his wife, Jessica, at their home, the intimate fundraising event garnered over $5,000 from the 40 people present.

The larger meet-and-greet gathering that followed packed the back room at Jeb’s Restaurant, 5403 Shady Avenue, with a younger crowd, including some high school students, according to Mr. Vance.

While many people at both events were Indivisible members, anyone interested in learning more about Ms. Cobb and her campaign was welcome to attend.

Ms. Cobb spoke at length about health care, the environment and concerns about her competitor’s performance.

She also emphasized that she believed the antidote for the current climate of political polarization is to find common ground between ideologies.

Ms. Cobb fielded questions and met directly with many attendees after the official end to the event. As a result, she was one of the last to leave.

“Tedra’s energy was excellent and her ability to answer tough questions was equally as stunning,” said Mr. Vance.

Indivisible Lowville publicly endorsed Ms. Cobb after ensuring that she holds the same values as the group.

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