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Tedra Cobb Files Independent Nominating Petitions for CD 21 Unites Ballot Line

Yesterday, Tedra Cobb filed 3,976 petition signatures for an independent nominating line with the Board of Elections in Albany, NY. The line is named “CD 21 Unites,” which means Tedra Cobb will appear on the ballot in two places because more than 9,000 people have signed petitions to put her there.

“Nearly 4,000 people took the time from their busy lives to sign a petition to add my name to the November ballot because they are sick and tired of being misled, ignored and disappointed by this Congress,” said Tedra Cobb. “This petitioning effort gives them a voice on election day and a choice to send someone to Congress who will not put party before patriotism, as Elise Stefanik has done. Together, we will take back our government from Washington politicians and their political donors and special interests.”

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Candidates in New York can create an independent ballot line by collecting 3500 signatures from registered voters who did not sign a primary petition for a Congressional candidate from any party. Over 100 volunteers who had not previously carried petitions joined Team Tedra to collect signatures.

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