Stefanik doesn’t meet with her constituents

From a letter to the editor on the Watertown Daily Times website published 9/13/18.

How many of us living in New York’s 21st Congressional District have ever met Elise Stefanik? How many have actually been in the same room with her? We gave her a job when we elected her to Congress. Since then, she has shown little interest in getting to know the north country people and the unique challenges facing us.

Stefanik could have spent time visiting communities throughout the 21st District, getting to know her constituents. Unfortunately, she prefers to get her direction from other politicians and the corporate sponsors who paid for her campaign. She doesn’t want to meet the regular people like you and me. She is often photographed standing next to a man in uniform or outside of a barn. But when asked to hold a town hall meeting, she often refuses. She even threatened to contact police when they gather outside her office requesting that she meet with them.

When reached by phone, her office workers are similarly in the dark and claim to be unaware of her position on any issue. Apparently, she doesn’t talk to them either. You can send her an email. You can participate in a telephone town hall or receive a monthly newsletter; you just can’t meet her.

Tedra Cobb lives in the north country. She raised a family and started a successful business here. She was elected to two terms in the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators and gained experience in governance firsthand. She understands and has lived with the problems facing her friends and neighbors. Tedra is a very effective communicator who has the ability to listen and speak directly with people. If you are from the 21st District, I am sure you have either met Tedra Cobb or know someone who has. If you haven’t, you can go to her website and find a list of the places where she will be. She wants to know what is important to you. She is willing to sit down and listen.

Stefanik has clearly demonstrated her indifference to the well-being of the people in the 21st District. Instead, she has used this district as a stepping stone in her political career. She has turned her back on those she took an oath to represent. We need someone who will fight for us in Washington. We need a champion who can stand up for the north country. We need to elect Tedra Cobb.

Skye Opel

Star Lake

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