Tedra Cobb’s Statement On Elise Stefanik’s Attempt to Suppress Her Constituents’ Voices

Tedra Cobb said, “Elise Stefanik is willing to try to win this election by any means necessary. She is running scared and for good reason. Stefanik voted to kick 64,000 Northern New Yorkers off their health coverage and close down rural hospitals while taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug companies, insurance companies and their lobbyists. Stefanik is suppressing her own constituents’ political voice.”

Tedra Cobb would like to make the voters of Northern NY aware that on Tuesday, August 14, Rep. Stefanik sued Tedra Cobb to nullify the 3,729 signatures submitted by the Cobb campaign to create the CD 21 Unites Ballot Line.

The Cobb campaign took no issue with Stefanik’s challenge to the petitions at the Board of Elections. As the campaign stated in April during the primary petition challenge process, petition challenges are necessary to “ensure that the integrity of this critical piece of our democratic process is upheld. Candidates for elected office need to be held to the highest standard and we want to ensure that those who seek to represent us have followed the rules thoroughly.” Those challenges are currently before the Board of Elections and the Cobb campaign will defend any questions to their best ability.

Stefanik’s lawsuit asks a court to rule that the voters’ signatures are invalid, even before the Board of Elections has made a ruling. There is a process to handle petition challenges that is settled law. Subverting this process is nothing short of voter suppression.

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