July 9, 2019 Press, Press Release

Stefanik’s Lawsuit to Gut Protections for Pre-existing conditions and Kick Tens of Thousands of Northern New Yorkers off of Their Health Care to be Heard in Court Today

Canton —Today a tax-payer funded lawsuit supported by Cong. Stefanik is being heard in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. If Stefanik has it her way and the suit is successful, it would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, raise the cost of prescription drugs and decimate the healthcare of tens of thousands of Northern New Yorkers.

“The differences between us couldn’t be more clear. I have spent 30 years in this district helping connect people to quality, affordable healthcare, the same people Congresswoman Stefanik is trying to take it away from today,” said Cobb. “She has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the insurance and  pharmaceutical companies while voting their way to raise the cost of our healthcare and prescription drugs.” 

In January, Cong. Stefanik voted to back the lawsuit, and in June she voted to use tax dollars to fund her effort to raise the healthcare costs of all Americans. 

“Cong. Stefanik might say that she supports lowering prescription drug costs and protecting people with pre-existing conditions, but her voting record tells another story,” said Cobb. “She should spend her remaining time in Congress focusing on ways to make the lives of Northern New Yorkers better instead of furthering the interests of insurance and pharmaceutical companies.” 


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