Stefanik seat no longer viewed as “Safe Republican;” National political experts change district rating following Cobb’s historic fundraising haul

The Cook Political Report, a widely respected non-partisan election newsletter recently moved the NY-21 race more towards Tedra Cobb’s favor. Previously viewed as “Solid Republican”, multiple factors, including Cobb’s historic fundraising haul and the fact that Stefanik is taking the challenge seriously, led analysts to reassess their earlier projections. Earlier this week Tedra Cobb announced that she raised $715,000 in the third quarter, setting a record for this district.

“Unlike Rep. Stefanik, I refused corporate campaign contributions and showed that voters in this district are looking for a representative that is beholden to them, not corporate special interests” said Tedra Cobb. “People are angered that Stefanik voted to deny insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, sided with coal companies over our local farmers and supported privatizing Medicare.”

Despite running false, negative attack ads Elise Stefanik remains in trouble. Cook now lists NY-21 as “Likely R” and they note that it is important to keep an eye on this district, especially in a wave year. This sudden and drastic rating change is evidence of momentum behind the Cobb campaign.


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