August 15, 2019 Press Release


Canton —On Thursday, Stefanik campaign spokesperson issued a misleading public statement about the Congresswoman’s record on programs for seniors. Despite the hundreds of thousands of people in NY-21 who rely on Social Security and Medicare to make ends meet, Stefanik supports privatizing Social Security to benefit her Wall Street donors and has also voted to voucherize Medicare and for trillions of dollars of cuts to both programs:

On Social Security:

  • Cong. Stefanik’s attempts to destroy Social Security started before her time in Congress; in 2012 she supported privatizing the program. 
  • Stefanik has accepted over $600,000 of corporate PAC money to her campaign from the financial industry. These corporations, who ravaged the economy in 2008, are the same ones who would benefit from the privatization of Social Security.   
  • In her 2014 campaign, Stefanik supported raising the retirement age for Social Security but when pressed by the media for details Stefanik refused to answer
  • In 2018 Stefanik voted to cut Social Security by $2.6T, $308 billion in the first year.   

On Medicare:

  • In 2015, Stefanik voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program. 
  • Also in 2017, Stefanik voted to cut Medicare by nearly $500 billion, raise the eligibility age to 67, and again voucherize it.
  • In 2018, she voted to cut Medicare by trillions of dollars, up to $239B per year.  
  • Stefanik has taken over $500,000 from the healthcare industry, much of this from corporations who would directly profit from her votes.

“Elise Stefanik’s votes show us exactly who she is working for in Washington,” said healthcare advocate Tedra Cobb. “After she failed to privatize Social Security to benefit her Wall Street donors, she voted for trillions in cuts to the program. After she failed to turn Medicare into a voucher system to benefit the insurance companies, she voted for billions in cuts to the program. Stefanik isn’t interested in delivering results for our seniors, it’s about making her big corporate donors wealthier. When she fails to get that done she votes to dismantle the programs entirely. I’m not accepting corporate PAC money, I will never vote to privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher program or for any cuts that will impact seniors negatively.”


Tedra Cobb is a 30 year resident of Northern New York and has spent her life working in her community to connect people with the healthcare they need and to increase transparency and accountability in government. Tedra is a resident of Canton, a small business owner, a former volunteer firefighter and served two terms on the St. Lawrence County Legislature. 


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