Elise Stefanik Isn’t Who She Says She Is: Vote To Cut Medicaid Would Have Severe Impact On New York’s 21st District

Stefanik Sided with Political Donors Instead of Defending New York Families

Across New York’s 21st Congressional District, Americans rely on Medicaid to receive healthcare coverage. As a founder of a health care non-profit, Tedra Cobb worked to increase access to healthcare for North Country people. As a county legislator, Cobb fought to ensure that Medicaid programs were fully funded so that hospitals and clinics were able to provide healthcare services to residents. Medicaid is a vital program that millions in New York rely on to receive health care and in Congress, Cobb will be committed to protecting this important safety net.

The Medicaid expansion provided for in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) resulted in greater access and affordable coverage for many rural communities. Rural communities have a higher population of people who are elderly and disabled, are low-income, and are less likely to receive health insurance through employment. In rural areas, 47% of children, 5.3 million veterans and their family members, low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and many low-wage workers access healthcare through Medicaid.

But last year Rep. Stefanik voted to kick 923,200 New Yorkers off Medicaid. The impact of her vote on New York’s 21st District would have been profound: 28,400 non-elderly residents and another 13,600 who qualified under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion would have been without coverage.

An analysis by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics of Federal Election Commission reveals that since going to Congress, Elise Stefanik has taken more than two million dollars from corporate political action committees (PACs), which are special interests trying to influence votes in Congress. Here’s her breakdown through the last quarter, ending June 30, 2018:

  • $249,290 from the “Insurance” sector
  • $431,248 from “lawyers & lobbyists”
  • And during this session of Congress which voted to repeal protections, Stefanik received $39,500 from “Pharmaceuticals/Health Products.”

“Instead of cutting Medicaid, we need to ensure it is properly funded and protected. Rep. Stefanik is not who she says she is. She says that she cares about her constituents, but her vote reflects otherwise. She voted to strip health coverage from our most vulnerable and must be held accountable for her irresponsible record,” said Cobb.

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