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Elise Stefanik Declares SOS, Incumbent Losing Local Support and Momentum for Re-Election

CANTON — The most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing for incumbent Elise Stefanik reveals a collapse of local support and an embarrassing flood of special interest money from Washington, DC.

In the final quarterly report, 21 days before the election, Elise Stefanik’s campaign raised $533,216, of which $304,832, an astounding 57 percent, was raised from political action committees rather than individuals.

“Elise Stefanik has played politics in Washington, DC her entire adult life – her voting record shows it and her campaign treasury shows it. Elise Stefanik voted to close down rural hospitals, penalize people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and motherhood, and voted to empower industrial polluters to have their way with our rivers and streams, why? Follow the money,” said Tedra Cobb.

“Now, after accepting more than $1 million from corporate special interests in this election cycle alone, Rep. Stefanik is calling on the most unpopular Speaker in history to come to Northern New York and help salvage her campaign. “Rather than campaign for a failing candidate, Paul Ryan should tour the district and apologize to the 64,000 residents he and Elise Stefanik voted to kick off their health care.”

An analysis by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics of Federal Election Commission reports reveals that since going to Congress, Elise Stefanik has taken more than $2,000,000 from corporate political action committees (PACs), which are special interests trying to influence votes in Congress. Here’s her breakdown through the last quarter, ending June 30, 2018:

$870,161 from “securities and investments” (Wall Street)
$249,290 from the “Insurance” sector
$431,248 from “lawyers & lobbyists”
$137,225 from “oil & gas”

And during this session of Congress which voted to repeal protections, Stefanik received $39,500 from “Pharmaceuticals/Health Products.”

“This race is about the insurmountable gap between Elise Stefanik’s record in Congress and the values of Northern New York families,” said Dr. Anna Sorensen, Cobb’s Campaign Director.

“Elise Stefanik has worked to cut Medicare and privatize Social Security under Paul Ryan, and now he’s rushing to defend Elise from her voters. It won’t work. The North remembers,” said Brian Phillips, Jr., campaign spokesman.

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