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Cobb Statement on Real Issues

CANTON—Recently, Rep. Elise Stefanik released another longshot attack ad that was debunked in less than a day. As we enter the final month of the midterm campaign season, it is time to discuss the real issues that affect Northern New York. No longer can voters afford to waste their time reading petty attacks, false comparisons and twisted narratives. The people of this district deserve better.

Rep. Stefanik and her campaign can call Tedra Cobb what they want. Bullying is a tactic used by children on a playground or online trolls, and thankfully, our society has begun to weed out this immoral behavior. After all, it is Rep. Stefanik who turned her back on our families and voted to hurt us, while neglecting to tell us the policy positions she claims to possess.

As a county legislator, Tedra Cobb voted to extend health coverage to county employees when called to active duty military service. Tedra believes Congress can fix VA community care with provisions like exempting the funding for the VA Choice program from sequestration cuts. Rep. Stefanik said she supports our veterans but voted to leave the VA Choice Program open to cuts, while Republicans blocked an amendment to fix the issue to further squeeze, and perhaps allow cuts, to programs that benefit the middle class (HR 5895, 6/8/18). Stefanik began her career voting for a bill that underfunded VA programs by $1 billion (HR 2029,4/30/15 ). It is time to stop window dressing, and run a clean campaign.


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