Cobb Campaign Resourced to Win: Q3 Fundraising Tops Previous Quarters with $715,000 Raised; Shows Momentum Headed into Final Month

CANTON –– Today, Tedra Cobb, local small business owner, former St. Lawrence County Legislator and Democratic candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District released her current campaign numbers.

  • 0% of Tedra’s funding is from insurance companies
  • 0% of Tedra’s funding is from pharmaceutical companies
  • 0% of Tedra’s funding is from corporate PACs or DC lobbyists
  • 65% of supporters live in the district
  • 87% of supporters live in New York State
  • Tedra has raised over $1,169,000 for this campaign
  • Over $715,000 in the third quarter
  • Over 1600 individuals have volunteered throughout the district
  • Tedra Cobb held more than 90 public appearances
  • The campaign picked up more than 6783 likes and followers on social media

“Rep. Stefanik isn’t who she said she is when she was elected to Congress. She has spent her adult life working in politics in Washington, DC and her voting record reflects that. She voted to close rural hospitals, to eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions and to raise premiums on the rest of us. She raised millions of dollars from special interests, political action committee and lobbyists – the very people who profit from our misery.  I will go to Congress and work for the people of this district. I don’t have a bunch of political friends in Washington like Rep. Stefanik, and I plan to keep it that way. The only interests I will represent in Washington are those of the people of Northern New York.”


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