Cobb Campaign Back On Air; Challenges DC Insider Stefanik: “Hands off the North Country”

CANTON –– Today, Tedra Cobb, local small business owner, former St. Lawrence County Legislator and Democratic candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District released her first ad of the general election, “North Country.”

Click Here to watch: North Country

“We are excited to be going back up on television and on digital platforms across the district,” Cobb said. We know that when the voters of Northern NY hear our positive message, it resonates. They are tired of being represented by a DC insider who doesn’t understand our values or reflect our priorities. Unlike Rep. Stefanik, I am not taking a dime from corporate donors or lobbyists so they won’t own my vote in Washington. The people of New York’s 21st Congressional district deserve a representative who is focused on ways to make their lives better, not lining the pockets of millionaires and billionaires. I say to Congresswoman Stefanik and those who would sell us off to the highest bidder, hands off the North Country.

“My opponent and her special interest allies have filled the airwaves with negative attacks on me that have really turned voters off. People are wondering – why doesn’t Congresswoman Stefanik use her ads to explain her votes to take healthcare away from 64,000 Northern New Yorkers and close rural hospitals? Why doesn’t she run ads touting her vote to let companies dump toxic coal waste into our waterways and bring acid rain back to the Adirondacks?”

Tedra Cobb knows the challenges the people of Northern NY face because she has lived, worked, and served them for over 30 years. She has not taken corporate money and therefore she will not have to listen to their advice. She will work for affordable and portable healthcare for everyone, to protect our air and water for the next generation of farmers and tourists, and to make government work for the people again.

In the ad, Cobb is heard saying:

“This is how we live, how we thrive and how we raise the next generation. I’m Tedra Cobb and I approve this message, because our commitment isn’t just words. We love our land, we live our values, we rely on ourselves and we look out for each other. And I’ve got a message for DC insiders who would sell us out to the highest bidder, hands off the North Country.”

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