Canton Businesswoman Challenges Stefanik to Reverse Course on ACA Repeal

Rural hospitals face uncertainty with health care proposals
“Protecting healthcare is why I am running for Congress.”

July 20, 2017, Canton, NY – Tedra Cobb criticized Congress for its inability to pass any improvements to the Affordable Care Act and called on Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to either explain the benefits of the American Healthcare Act or reverse course on her votes.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates as many as 23 million Americans could lose their health insurance if the American Healthcare Act becomes law. 83,000 of those Americans live in New York’s 21st Congressional District.

“Everyday New Yorkers will suffer should Congress finish its work on the bill Elise Stefanik hustled to pass in the House of Representatives. Farmers, retirees, veterans, small business owners and middle-income families will get squeezed hard. Rural hospitals, clinics and nursing homes will close or cut services to our families. Congresswoman Stefanik did not protect us from political games in Washington, and she made a mistake by siding against the North Country. She should reverse course or explain how her vote helps us,” said Ms. Cobb.

Congresswoman Stefanik and her colleagues in Congress have been warned about the dire consequences to no good effect by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the following agencies:

  • The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
  • The Healthcare Association of New York State
  • Greater New York Hospital Association
  • New York State Nurses Association
  • The SEIU
  • The New York Chapter of the Children’s Defense Fund

The Commonwealth Fund has released an analysis of how the American Healthcare Act will affect hospital finances in every state.

The current Affordable Care Act provides government financial assistance to low-income military veterans through tax credits that subsidize premiums for those who qualify for VA insurance but prefer to buy private plans. If the American Healthcare Act were to become law, that tax credit for veterans goes away. Veterans would either get their health care at the VA only or pay full freight for a different type of insurance.

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