Letter to the Editor: Unseat Elise Stefanik who is in lockstep with Trump

From a letter to the editor on the Press-Republican website published 9/3/18.

In an Aug. 17 article in the Press-Republican, former Congressman William L. Owens said, “he had not yet been asked to campaign with (Tedra) Cobb.”

One would think that as the first Democrat to be elected in the district since 1873, when he was elected in 2009, he would have reached out to Tedra Cobb without being asked.

He should be the first to offer his support, knowledge, contacts and experience to help Tedra solidify her campaign.

It’s time for Democrats, and those who don’t support Donald Trump, to come together and support Tedra Cobb and unseat Elise Stefanik, who is in lockstep with Trump.

Join Tedra