Letter to the Editor: My vote this November will be for Tedra Cobb

From a letter to the editor on the Press-Republican website published 9/7/18.

Your recent article about the re-election campaign of Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik was informative.

Shortly after Tedra Cobb was declared the winner of the Democratic primary, Ms. Stefanik started her misleading attack television campaign ad.

However, glaringly absent from Ms. Stefanik’s campaign ad is her own voting record of almost four years in office.

Maybe they are absent is because Ms. Stefanik seems to vote “nay” on some “thorny” issues and then reversing herself thereafter by voting “aye” later on if they’re reintroduced?

Maybe it is because Ms. Stefanik has indicated that she will disagree with President Trump whenever she feels it necessary, yet she has supported his agenda almost 90 percent of the time?

Ms. Stefanik voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act when there was no viable replacement, corrections or amendments proposed.

Though the full repeal was blocked in the Senate, the Trump Administration has defunded and weakened the rules and regulations that support it. This will likely increase health-plan premiums and deductibles while providing less coverage.

Ms. Stefanik has now remained silent.

Ms. Stefanik has stated that she “supports” protecting our environment. Yet, she voted for the repeal of stream-protection rules and I have yet to hear her voice any opposition to the weakening and/or repeal of the Clean Air Act and Clean Power Plan that the Trump Administration is putting forth.

I have always voted for the person who will put the best interests of our country before political party. So, will I support Ms. Stefanik this November? Nay, I say, nay.

My vote this November will be for Tedra Cobb, who I have confidence in will put our nation’s and North Country’s interests above those of political party loyalty and power.



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