Letter to the editor: Cobb smeared with falsehoods in TV ads

From a letter to the editor on the Post Star website published 9/12/18.

Faced with honest, experienced, North Country resident Tedra Cobb, Elise Stefanik can only resort to name-calling and false allegations. Despite evidence that Stefanik’s “taxin’ Tedra” claims are grossly exaggerated, it remains the theme in Stefanik’s TV ads.

The Glens Falls Post-Star fact-checked Stefanik’s sources and proved the claim that Cobb raised taxes over 20 times is false. Anyone can look at the St. Lawrence County meeting records. In Stefanik’s 21 references, there were only eight votes on setting taxes/fees: two minor raises in property tax, an extension of the existing bed tax, and minor increases in fees to file documents and dump contaminated soil. Taxes decreased twice and remained the same once. All passed with large bipartisan or unanimous votes.

WPTZ TV told me that media is required to air any political ad, regardless of truthfulness, as long as it is not obscene. Stefanik’s plan: spend the million plus dollars gathered from outside the district (93 percent of her money) and smear Tedra Cobb with falsehoods. But Stefanik, who has never lived in the district, has a record. She voted for the Republican AHCA which would have jeopardized health care access for 64,000 district residents; ignoring pleas from 10 district medical centers that the AHCA would be “devastating.”

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