Letter to the editor: Cobb ads speak to fractured democracy

From a letter to the editor on the The Post-Star website published 9/29/18.

The nasty ads that are being aired against Democratic congressional candidate Tedra Cobb speak to why our democracy is so fractured. They spout the blatant lies promoted by the interests that benefit from expanding inequality. The immediate beneficiary of these ads, Elise Stefanik, is anything but a true representative of the people. She has sided with those who would take health insurance away from millions of Americans as well as the top income brackets that gain from GOP tax policies.

These attack ads are extremely costly. The candidates with the wealthiest supporters will have the most money to throw away; therefore, expect the most disinformation. Yet there is a good way to assess what’s going on. If you add up all the millions that Stefanik has accumulated for her campaign and separate out the small donations, say $200 or less, you find that the small dollar contributions constitute less than 5 percent of her total campaign war chest. Her PAC donations are a whopping 52 percent. In contrast, Tedra Cobb’s percentage for small donations is six times higher than Stefanik’s and she has received just 3 percent from PACs.

These figures best represent a work-a-day person’s chance of being fairly represented by Elise Stefanik. So next time you see one of her ads, don’t forget who is paying for them and why. Remember, when the time comes to pay back her friends, the average constituent’s chance of being included are about the same as the dollar percentage of Stefanik’s small contributors, less than 5 percent.

Al Ormsby, Saratoga Springs

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