Tedra Cobb will represent our entire district

Watertown Daily Times
February 10, 2018

“Come senators, congressmen; please heed the call.”

When Bob Dylan wrote that lyric, he had no idea how important the 2018 call would be. It’s a call to make racism wrong again. A call for a return to the rule of law and a call to respect the free press. A call to embrace the diversity embedded in our national motto: E pluribus unum; out of many, one.

Our U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is ignoring the call.

She supported 88 percent of the GOP agenda, an agenda that is mean, divisive and not supported by the majority of Americans.

I am excited about the person who will heed the call.

Tedra Cobb is running for the U.S. House of Representatives so that she can represent the entirety of New York’s 21st Congressional District regardless of party affiliation.

She has lived and worked in the north country for 30 years and understands what it means to work hard and what it’s like to have health crises or other problems that can mean financial insolvency for a family.

She will advocate for the public education system and fight to ensure that our immigrant neighbors and colleagues receive fair treatment, and that they are protected and valued as an important part of our community.

She knows that immigration benefits our economy.

She has a superb resume showing a range of experience.

One thread that runs through it is her deep desire to serve her community.

Tedra is the real deal.

She will bring a refreshing and much needed change to 21st Congressional District.

Joette Holgado

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