Tedra Cobb right candidate for 21st District

Letter to the Editor
April 9, 2018
Watertown Daily Times

Tedra Cobb is running for the Democratic ticket for the U.S. Congressional seat from our District 21. I have chosen to support Tedra because of her extensive background in health care, private business and public service.

I first met Tedra after she reached out to me in the early fall. I was impressed with her endless energy and approachability.

Once one meets Tedra, it is easy to see why she has done so well in the straw polls. She brings her knowledge, warmth and common-sense approach to the conversation.

As a recently retired school counselor, I am concerned with students and vulnerable populations having access to medical care and mental health counseling. Programs like CHIP, Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare are essential to our community, and Tedra is the one to ensure those who need these services are not forgotten.

She has public and private business experience as a health advocate, managing the labyrinth of the healthcare field. Tedra knows how to reach across the aisle with her experience of being a St. Lawrence County Legislator for a self-imposed two term limit. Her background in advocacy and working with people from both parties will be an asset for our district representation. Tedra’s optimism is contagious and that is why I and more than 500 others have chosen to volunteer to help her campaign.

I have seen firsthand the frustration people have with Washington gridlock and the lack of accessibility to our current representative. Tedra lives in the north country and represents all that is good about it. Please consider voting for her in the June 26 primary and, hopefully, in the Nov. 6 election.

Jane Dievendorf, Malone

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