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Tedra Cobb grasps our health care needs

Letter to the Editor
March 19, 2018
Watertown Daily Times

As nurses, we understand the importance of health care and believe that basic health care should be a right available to all. We are supporting Tedra Cobb’s campaign to unseat Elise Stefanik and replace her as our representative in Congress.

We have been very disappointed with Elise Stefanik’s actions regarding health care. Her original vote was to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with absolutely nothing to offer in place of it. At that time, she also chose to allow the Children’s Health Insurance Policy, a crucial health insurance program for children from low-income families, to go months without reauthorization, only to be used later as a bargaining chip in subsequent negotiations.

Tedra has a proven track record as a health care advocate. As a working mother, she too has known the difficulties of balancing long hours with family life. Her involvement with health care agencies has led to a unique understanding of the challenges facing nurses who are constantly adapting to changing regulations, advances in medical practices, and stringent documentation policies while striving to keep patient care their first priority.

Early in her career, and early in the bewilderment of the AIDS crisis, Tedra was ready to address it. Working as an HIV/AIDS educator right here in the north country, she confronted unfounded fears while fostering compassion and caring. She went on to create the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative. There she secured federal and state funding to provide preventive screening and follow-up care for working families unable to afford health insurance. That agency still exists today and employs a dozen people.

Tedra has served as a board member for Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley, Northern Lights Home Health Care, North Country Children’s Clinic and St. Lawrence Valley Renewal House. Tedra understands the importance of health care to north country families and to our local economy, and she will fight for affordable health care for all of us.

Julie A. Cruickshank, Canton
Terry de la Vega, Potsdam
Kathleen Fitzgerald, Potsdam
Claire Gardam, Canton
Janet H. Green, Canton
Anne Mazzotta, Canton
Judy A. Murphy, Canton
Caroline B. Pearson, Canton
Barbara Tiel, Canton
Ann Vineyard, Hermon
Kathy Wyckoff, Canton
Paula Youmell, Hannawa Falls

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