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Tedra Cobb for the North Country

Letter to the Editor
April 11, 2018
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

I enthusiastically endorse Tedra Cobb for Congress. Here’s why: Tedra has worked and brought her family up in the North Country, so she understands our challenges, our needs and our communities. She has twice been elected to public office, showing that she knows how to work with the diverse people and interests that make our district unique. Her professional life has been built around collaboration and listening, skills that are sorely missing in today’s national political discourse. These are the qualities I have come to see and know in Tedra, qualities that are unique among the other Republican and Democratic candidates. These are the qualities I believe we need to see in our congressperson. Tedra shows by her actions what she will represent in Washington: our North Country interests. We deserve better than a congressperson who serves the lobbyists or the Washington power brokers, or who wants to bring more anger and divisiveness, or a narrow agenda, to Congress. We need someone to represent us, who is one of us and who has promised to vote for the North Country and to work for the North Country as her exclusive mission in Congress. That person is Tedra Cobb.

Paul Van Cott, Saranac Lake

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