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Support Cobb in 21st Congressional District

Letter to the Editor
March 24, 2018
The Malone Telegram

Democrats in the 21st Congressional District of New York have a crowded field of candidates seeking to gain the nomination of the Democratic Party to oppose Republican Elyse Stefanik in November. All have very similar platforms, but one candidate stands out as a clear leader worthy of our support – Tedra Cobb.

She has spent her entire adult life in the district. She understands our culture and has a proven record of service to the community. She is the only candidate that has been elected to office, having served two terms in the St. Lawrence County legislature. She is a strong health care advocate and manages her own consulting business, recognized in the U.S. and internationally.

Tedra Cobb has organized over 500 volunteers throughout the 21st District. Most of the money she has raised for her campaign, over 77 percent, has come from within the district. Since her entry into the race, she has attended over 170 events across all 12 counties in the district. She is a tireless campaigner and brings the organizational skill and energy that will be needed to win in November.

Tedra will work diligently to protect our democracy, our economy, our environment and our health care. She knows how to work across the aisle to get things accomplished. As our representative, she has pledged to hold a face-to-face town hall in every county across the district for every year she holds office. That’s a leader who is accountable and accessible.

Now is the time to get behind a candidate who can win and who will truly represent us. I hope you will join me in supporting Tedra Cobb by signing one of her designating petitions, donating to her campaign, and voting for her in the Democratic primary and November elections.

Susan Delehanty, Tupper Lake

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