Letter: Stefanik’s Goal Was to Mislead About Cobb

Honest Tedra did not vote to raise taxes 20 times.


Immediately after the primary, Stefanik declined to answer a question about who made up the nickname “Taxntedra” but went on to say “she voted for tax increases and it’s sticking,” indicating the only goal here is to label and mislead. In sharp contrast to such misleading name-calling, Tedra Cobb fought for an ethics bill as a legislator. Actions speak louder than words.

Honest Tedra did not vote to raise taxes 20 times.

A resolution for “home rule” providing greater efficiency and freedom for counties to increase sales taxes for emergencies by eliminating the lengthy approval process by the state. passed with bi-partisan votes. No tax increases were ever enacted. Two similar resolutions for mortgage filing taxes were approved unanimously, again bi-partisan but no enactment.

Stefanik misleads by conflating increased assessments with increased tax rates, the only true measure of tax increase or decrease. New, renovated and previously tax exempt properties all raise the county’s assessed value. Between 2008-2012 Tedra voted with the large bipartisan majority to raise taxes twice (by 0.13% and 2.4%), lower them once by 1.58% and to keep them the same once. Two resolutions put exempt property back on the tax rolls, including 8760 acres owned by the NY Power Authority.

There were three “fee”, not tax, increases. One passed on 50 cents of the $2.50 per ton for contaminated soil imposed on the county by Development Authority of the North Country.

Hotel or motel resolution simply deleted “having less than 6 rental units” as an exemption of the bed tax. This passed the burden to the visitor, not the taxpayer.

Finally, a vote that actually increased, fees, not taxes for recording documents in the county clerk’s office which passed with both parties voting unanimously.

In fact, all these resolutions passed with bi-partisan support.

Carol Simpson, Winthrop

From a Letter to the Editor originally published in North Country Now, dated July 27, 2018.

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