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Cobb represents hope

Letter to the Editor
April 12, 2018
Press Republican

There are many complex problems around the world that now make things seem less hopeful or safe for coming generations.

Changes in weather have brought hardship, even loss of life, in our country alone. There seems to also be a turning away from others by disregarding their humanity and denying basic human needs.

We have elected officials who pay their greatest heed to corporations and their insatiable profit lines. Average citizens are fundamentally dismissed when a sham of a national budget is passed and then told it will be good for us.

Tax cuts may appease us for the moment. But, there is a hidden agenda to change circumstances to a far worse state.

There are signs of it now: ending the Consumer Protection Agency, privatize care for veterans, making toothless the EPA, etc. There will soon be plans to cut Social Security benefits and Medicare to lower the national debt.

Attempts to cut such expenses by the Republican majority will become part of the battle cry, “Make America great again.”

We need to send good folks to Washington, D.C., to truly represent us and our needs.

We need an experienced legislator who cares about us and will fight for us.

We have seen what a lack of genuine caring looks like with our current member of Congress, Elise Stefanik.

Cast your vote for positive change with Tedra Cobb representing the 21st Congressional District. She is compassionate, has governed in the North Country, is a tough fighter for the vulnerable (families, seniors and children), committed to bringing job opportunities here, plus much more.

Elect Tedra Cobb to end this disconnection between all of us in the North Country and whether our voice is heard in Washington, D.C.

Let’s bring hope into the picture once again.

Patience Whitman, Westport

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