Cobb will represent constituent concerns

From a letter to the editor on the Post Star website published 9/15.

Elise Stefanik is not doing her job. Congress is a co-equal branch of government, not a rubber stamp for the president. The founders wanted the House to provide “checks and balances.” They imagined a legislative body representing the interests of their constituents, not a group of Washington insiders working for out of district special interests. Ninety-three percent of Stefanik’s campaign funds come from outside the district, and she does not hold face to face town hall meetings with constituents.

The congresswoman serves on the Intelligence Committee, a committee refusing to take seriously past and present Russian efforts to influence our elections. Stefanik has blindly followed Chairman Nunes instead of pursuing the truth. Stefanik voted to gut health care and to defund Planned Parenthood. Why did she vote to undo the rules protecting streams and groundwater from pollution by coal mining operations? Because she is not from the district and has no memory of acid rain. Why did she vote to allow the EPA to approve new pesticides with no assessment of the impact on fish and wildlife? Because she follows Paul Ryan’s orders.

New York 21 needs Tedra Cobb. She lives here. She has experience in local government. She will represent our concerns about health care, environment and addiction rather than just voting the party line. She won’t be a rubber stamp for donor and party leaders. She will be part of an independent Congress that will do its job.

Pat Oles, Gansevoort

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