Cobb will oppose erosion of our democracy

From a letter to the editor on the Watertown Daily Times website published 9/16/18.

Although I’ve never met her, I believe I would probably enjoy speaking with U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik. I’ve handwritten a letter to her (no reply), emailed three times (three courteous replies) and appreciate that she wants to represent me.

However, that is not enough. For me, in her role as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I don’t know if she voiced an opposition to the premature conclusion of the Russian active measures investigation, which targeted our 2016 election, an investigation that ended before all inquiries were considered. From my vantage point, it seems she simply followed Chairman Nunes’s partisan leadership.

I met Tedra Cobb at last year’s Clinton County Fair, was impressed with her from our first conversation and, after several subsequent conversations, have come to have hope. Were Tedra Cobb our congresswoman, I know she would have opposed the American Healthcare Act, and I would have been able to speak with her personally instead of standing in a parking lot outside a Plattsburgh office during a protest. When she becomes our congresswoman, I am confident that she will raise her voice and cast her votes to combat the raw corruption that is gnawing at the core of our democracy.

Thus far, Cobb’s personal, visceral, dogged, grass-roots campaign has shown me how much she cares about our community’s common good, our neighborhood where she has lived and worked over the years. Even in a “safe Republican” district and facing an incumbent opponent who has amassed more than $1 million, I believe Tedra Cobb will be the next congresswoman in NY21. She has my vote on Nov. 6.

Joe Gerardi


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