Cobb targets Stefanik over environmental record

From an article by Pete DeMola on the Sun Community News website published 10/19.
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PLATTSBURGH | Tedra Cobb is coming out swinging against Rep. Elise Stefanik’s environmental record.

The Democratic hopeful released a new TV ad on Wednesday contending the lawmaker’s campaign contributions dictate her environmental and health care votes in Congress.

“Stefanik is bankrolled by big corporate special interests and she votes their way,” intoned Cobb as images flickered of dim hospital rooms and pipes pumping dark liquid into a churning waterway.

“Letting insurers charge obscene prices for pre-existing conditions and letting polluters dump toxic waste into our waterways and get away with it.”

Stefanik received $1.4 million from the health care industry, as well as “oil/coal/gas” and “finance/securities sectors,” claimed the ad, citing Federal Election Commission reports.


The 30-second spot continues the campaign’s strategy of highlighting the second-term lawmaker’s campaign contributions paired with specific topics.

Last week, the focus was on health care. This week, the campaign is zeroing on the environment.

The ad was accompanied by several press releases attempting to hitch Stefanik to Trump administration efforts to roll back two major environmental initiatives, the Clean Power Plan and Clean Water Rule.

“The oil and gas industry opposed the Clean Power Plan and found an ally in Elise Stefanik,” said the Cobb campaign in a statement. “Elise Stefanik chose to vote with coal, oil and gas.”

Cobb said if elected, she would ensure the Clean Power Plan and Clean Water Rule “stay intact.”

“A clean environment is essential for our local farmers and tourism industry,” Cobb said in a statement.

The ad also criticized Stefanik’s 2017 vote to rescind the Stream Protection Rule, an Obama-era rule that sought to restrict coal companies from dumping waste into waterways.

Cobb also knocked Stefanik for calling for ex-EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to resign in April, but declining to sign onto a Democratic-led resolution in the House formally seeking his ouster.

“At a time when she was given the chance to not only be bipartisan, but to prove herself as an independent voice, a champion for the North Country, and a leader standing by her own word — she failed us,” said the Cobb campaign in a statement.

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