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Cobb, seeking Congress seat, lives her values

More than any other issue, health care has animated the national and local political landscape during the midterm election cycle.

But in a sense, the desire to improve the lives of her fellow North Country residents has underpinned much of Tedra Cobb’s professional trajectory as she now seeks to flip New York’s 21st Congressional District into the blue column.

Cobb, a Democrat, aims to deny Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Willsboro) a third term on Nov. 6.

Cobb has cited Stefanik’s vote last year to repeal the Affordable Care Act as her decision to enter the race.

But her roots stretch back far longer.


Cobb served two terms on the St. Lawrence County Legislature from 2002 to 2010.

Before that, she worked as the executive director of the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative, a non-profit she co-founded to offer preventative screening and follow-up care to underserved local residents.

Over her four-year stint, the candidate ultimately obtained $1 million in grant funding for health care work and other initiatives.

When she turned her sights to elected office, Cobb introduced herself to a voter while going door-to-door.

“Oh, you’re Tedra Cobb,” said the man. “You saved my life.”

He told her a cholesterol screening by the candidate flagged him at risk for a heart attack.

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