Cobb says she doesn’t need national Democrats

SARANAC LAKE — Tedra Cobb, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District, spoke with Enterprise staff Sept. 6 about her race against incumbent Republican Elise Stefanik, talking over the differences between their campaigns, policies and legislative styles.

These differences are interpreted differently depending on one’s assumptions about how a “good”campaign is run, what “good” policies look like or how “good” legislation is crafted.

From an article on the Adirondack Daily Enterprise website published 9/15/18.
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Cobb, of Canton, has not received support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the general election race, a point which Stefanik’s campaign has capitalized on. Stefanik’s communications director Lenny Alcivar has dubbed Cobb “the worst congressional candidate in America.”

Cobb said she does not consider herself to be “abandoned by her own party,” as Stefanik’s campaign states. Rather, she sees herself as a “true grassroots” candidate. She said she also does not consider herself to be part of a new slew of Democrats in the “blue wave” running on progressive and democratic socialist platforms in the wake of the election of President Donald Trump. She said she is running to do what is best for the North Country.

“[Alcivar]’s key competent of my being the worst candidate who has ever run, ever, in the history of the Democratic Party … is that I’m not supported by the DCCC,” Cobb said. “My response to that is, I think that might make me the right candidate for this region.”

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