Letter: Cobb is Positive and Will Solve Problems

Cobb is running a positive campaign based on issues, not bullying and falsehoods.

I write to support Tedra Cobb for Congress in New York’s 21st District. Cobb is running a positive campaign based on issues, not bullying and falsehoods. She has led a life of community service for 30 years. She favors regional cooperation, workforce development and infrastructure, and entrepreneurialism. She is a bridge builder, a proven problem solver and a smart, compassionate, experienced legislator who will fight for us, the hard-working people of the 21st District, to advance our prosperity and protect our democracy.

Meanwhile, the party of Stefanik and Trump is cozying up to our enemies and undermining our Democratic system both by denigrating our institutions (including a free press, a bulwark of democracy) and allowing our enemies to literally hijack our sacred elections. They are making our country less healthy, less secure, less tolerant, less clean, less smart, less competitive, less the beacon of hope the “greatest generation” fought to defend. The U.S. is the only wealthy country without universal insurance coverage, and yet the Republicans waste time limiting access even further. Thanks to borrow-and-spend Republicans like Trump and Stefanik, the national debt is the highest it’s been since 1945. Our enemies think we’re wonderful, and our allies fear us.

It’s fashionable to complain about “government,” but government is us, people, and we need representatives who have the honesty and integrity to embrace government service as an opportunity to strengthen our democracy and to make our lives better, not worse. It is time to restore competence and compassion, decency and democracy to our district and to our country. Jobs, education, the environment, health care and security are issues I care about. If you do, too, I hope you will join me in voting for Tedra Cobb for Congress.

Barry Pritzker, Greenfield Center

From a Letter to the Editor originally published in the Post Star, dated August 12, 2018.

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