Canton’s Cobb critical of Stefanik’s no show at League of Women Voters forum

From an article on the North Country Now website published 10/22.
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…“Somehow Rep. Stefanik finds the time to hold a last minute fundraiser with Speaker Paul Ryan, but can’t find the time to answer questions from her constituents,” Cobb is quoted as saying in the statement.

She also touched on many of the themes she has been focusing on as the election Nov. 6 draws near.

Referring to Stefanik, Cobb said “It is clear where her priorities lie – follow the money. She has worked only on behalf of her corporate donors, voting to kick 64,000 people off of healthcare, to close rural hospitals and exploit those with pre-existing conditions. She voted to allow polluters to dump toxic waste in our waterways and damage our tourist driven seasonal economy. Northern New Yorkers deserve a representative who is beholden to them and only them, that’s why I promise to never accept corporate money, and to hold at least twelve town halls per year.”

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