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North Country Democrats seek support, cash in liberal Vermont

Brian Mann
North Country Public Radio
March 7, 2018

The North Country is part of a national wave of Democrats stepping forward, hoping to challenge Republican control of Congress.

On a recent afternoon, Tedra Cobb, the Democratic candidate from Canton, was in a café, talking with a half-dozen people about healthcare. “Think about it, if you don’t have insurance and you arrive at our hospitals, [that’s] why Gouverneur, Potsdam, Massena and all these hospitals struggle,” she said.

But this wasn’t a restaurant in the North Country. Cobb is talking to people in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Sitting next to her was a guy named Gordon Miller from Huntington Vermont, who organized this meet-and-greet. “Vermonters are progressive,” he noted.

“We can’t vote, but certainly we can provide financial support. I’m encouraging as many people in my circle to reach out and make a donation.”

He meant a donation to Cobb. Here’s the thinking: A lot of Vermonters are Democrats or liberals, and President Trump is deeply unpopular here. But Vermont’s congressional delegation already votes with the Democrats, already pulls hard against Trump’s agenda and against the Republicans.

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