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Kahn outlines ‘roadmap’ for renewable energy

The Sun
Pete Demola
September 25, 2018

PLATTSBURGH – The use of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels is catching on in Europe, where two dozen nations last week pledged to boost research funding into the technology.

Hydrogen fuel cells combine the element with oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water.

Advocates believe converting to hydrogen-based power can mitigate the fluctuating supplies of wind, solar, hydro and other renewable energies.

“By converting electricity generated from those sources into hydrogen, the energy can be stored in large tanks and released again when needed,” reported the Associated Press.

Dr. Lynn Kahn, the Green Party candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District, believes the North Country is well-poised to capitalize on the technology and develop a green energy corridor along the St. Lawrence River.

Kahn is running against Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Willsboro) and Democratic candidate Tedra Cobb in November.

Cobb said she’s “big believer” in renewable energy and said she can pair that with real-world experience.

Her husband runs a small solar installation business. The family has an electric car and lived off the grid for 11 years.

All renewable energy sources must be studied to explore which technologies will prove to be most effective for which uses, said the candidate.

“Governments and private companies will have to work together to do this,” Cobb said in an email. “Right now, it appears that both batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will have a role in future transportation. While each has different advantages, the larger question is likely to be how fast we can get away from coal and other fossil fuels to generate power.”

Cobb agrees with her opponents that renewables can help transform the U.S. economy, including in the North Country.

The entire U.S. coal industry has fewer jobs than Arby’s, said the candidate, referring to a 2017 Washington Post article.

“By contrast, solar power employs more people than coal, gas and oil power generation combined,” Cobb said.

Job opportunities in the North Country include home installations to solar farms, wind turbines and revitalizing our grid, said Cobb.

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