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Grassroots group highlights environmental issues in cheeky campaign

Pete Demola
April 22, 2018
The Sun

Plattsburgh  − Earth Day is serious business in the Adirondacks and across the North Country, and the public took advantage of the sunny weather over the weekend to celebrate the global event designed to boost awareness of environmental issues.

Ahead of the worldwide campaign, the grassroots progressive group Change Through Action (CTA) sent candidates running for New York’s 21st Congressional District questionnaires asking about them their “top two environmental concerns and proposed solutions.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik’s office did not respond. But neither did Dylan Ratigan, the only Democratic candidate out of a field of seven who failed to do so.

The candidates who did complete the questionnaire issued a dynamic range of responses, from reducing the use of fossil fuels (Nelson, Cobb), combating acid rain (Mastrianni, Boyajian), addressing climate change and invasive species (Martz), fixing broken water infrastructure (Kahn) and investing in clean energy infrastructure (Wilson).

Both Cobb and Martz attended the event and spent the morning chatting with exhibitors and participants.

Cobb appeared delighted at her icon, which appeared to be a type of pod — or perhaps a hemlock cone, she posited later on social media.

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