Blog: I’m Supporting Tedra Cobb

“It’s hard to say no to Tedra. Good luck to her follow congresspeople when she gets there. She’s going to convince you to do the right thing, because you’ll be fighting your conscience otherwise.”

I haven’t been following the news much lately. I’m not up to date with all the illegal things Donald Trump did as reported by CNN, or all the evidence that Democrats want to tear apart the constitution as elaborated on Fox News. This is all tongue in cheek, of course, but whenever I open my iPad, it sure seems to be our new reality. In any case, I’ve been too busy for all that.

I’ve been busy building support for Tedra Cobb to represent the North Country of New York as our next representative to the US Congress. I’ve been meeting her supporters, organizing with other volunteers, and trying to find innovative ways to introduce all 780,000 people in NY21 to Tedra before November of this year. It’s a tall order, but this is a true grassroots effort, driven by people who live here, 90% of which have never been involved in a political campaign before.

As I’ve gotten to know Tedra over the last few months I’ve come to understand what it takes to be a great congressperson. It’s all those qualities you would assume; smart, hard working, ability to work across the aisle, etc. But it’s so much more than that. Things I never would have never guessed before meeting Tedra. What does “working across the aisle” even mean?

Tedra first ran for public office as a county legislator in St. Lawrence County. She ran as a Democrat and won with the support of conservatives. That’s what you have to do in the North Country, and Tedra understands that. She ran for the county legislature a second time, unopposed, because there was no point in running against her. She made sure to represent the whole county, regardless of political party.

The North Country is a big region with diverse political views. If you paid too much attention to the cable TV news, we should probably all hate each other. But, we have an opportunity to elect a representative to Congress who will understand all perspectives, and inspire us to do the same.

I’ve seen Tedra confronted by political rivals. I’ve seen her ambushed just because she is running as a Democrat. But, I’ve never seen her attack back. Instead, I’ve seen Tedra put a hand on a shoulder, look a person in the eyes, explain her beliefs, and challenge them to think about a different point of view.

It’s a running joke amongst Tedra’s volunteers; we set a stopwatch whenever she meets someone with opposing views. Usually within 90 seconds she has them voting for her in November and promising to tell all their friends.

I guess you might expect that from someone who grew up in upstate New York with 9 adopted siblings.

Tedra has a way of building support for important issues from the most unlikely of places. In St. Lawrence County she led an effort to stop a dangerous corporate dairy installation, not by the support of liberal animal rights organizations, but with the support and leadership of local dairy farmers. When it came time to pass an ethics law, it took years to get both Democrats and Republicans to accept it, but Tedra wouldn’t let it go until it got passed. She was tenacious until she got done what she knew was right.

It’s hard to say no to Tedra. Good luck to her follow congresspeople when she gets there. She’s going to convince you to do the right thing, because you’ll be fighting your conscience otherwise.

It’s true, one Congresswoman is not likely to be able to change the course of the country. But it is empowering to know that if our will is strong enough, and we are willing to work hard enough, we can send a representative to Congress who owes no favors to outside interests. Tedra’s only interest will be serving her home communities and doing what is right for the country. The only people she will owe anything to are the people who live and work in the North Country.

If I feel that way, if Tedra’s supporters feel that way, there is a fair chance that most other parts of our Country are feeling that way too. We don’t need to agonize over the spin coming from cable TV news, or Donald Trump’s tweets, or the dysfunctional Congress. We are putting our government back into our own hands.

New York 21st Congressional District

If you live in the NY21st we have a primary on Tuesday, June 26th. You’ll find Tedra Cobb’s name in the first spot on the Democratic line. Make sure you get to the polls and vote for her. In the meantime sign up on her website to get involved. I can’t wait to meet you and get a chance to work together. Most importantly I can’t wait for you to meet Tedra Cobb and see first hand why our country has a bright future.

It really is something special to take control of your own government. The people of this country really do have all the power. It just takes a little bit of effort to exercise that power.

Join Tedra