October 30, 2019 Press, Press Release



CANTON—Last week a group of top donors to Cong. Elise Stefanik’s campaign including Mckessson, Cardinal Health, and AmerisourceBergen, settled a $260M lawsuit for their role in the opioid addiction epidemic. The lawsuit brought by two Ohio counties claimed these pharmaceutical distributors and Stefanik donors played a role in the deaths of 400,000 people between 1997 and 2017. These pharma giants are just the latest to make headlines for their dangerous practices; In August, an Oklahoma judge ruled that Johnson & Johnson, an opioid maker, and contributor to Cong. Elise Stefanik recklessly marketed opioids to healthcare professionals. Lifetime, Stefanik has accepted over $50,000 from opioid manufacturers and distributors.

“Families in Northern New York are struggling to combat addiction,” said healthcare advocate and former volunteer firefighter Tedra Cobb. “Northern New York has some of the highest opioid death rates per capita in the New York State. Yet, Stefanik continues to side with the drug manufacturers in order to fund her campaign, while voting against families who are desperate for help.”

This summer Stefanik twice voted against training healthcare navigators to better inform consumers about addiction recovery services. When asked about the vote at a recent town hall Stefanik claimed to have never voted against funding and then when pressed claimed to not remember the vote.

“I have spent 30 years in this district fighting for affordable, quality healthcare for all Northern New Yorkers,” said Cobb. “Meanwhile Elise Stefanik has spent her time in Washington looking for ways to take it away. Time and again she has put insurance and pharmaceutical companies and their profits above the needs of Northern New Yorkers. I’m not accepting corporate PAC money, companies who have profited from addiction will never own my vote.”


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