September 10, 2020 Press




Northern New York— It’s been 75 days since The New York Times reported that Russia was paying the Taliban bounties for American troops’ lives in Afghanistan. Last week, American soldiers were attacked by Russia forces in Syria. Elise Stefanik has been radio silent on this issue. Last week, we learned that Donald Trump called fallen soldiers “suckers” and “losers.” In all this time, Elise Stefanik has never once spoken up for our troops.  Today, North Country veterans had the following to say about Trump and Stefanik’s despicable behavior: 

“For the last three years, we as a nation have watched President Trump make abusive and hateful remarks about highly decorated and respected military officials and veterans, many of whom he personally appointed. He’s called them: Human Scum, Fricken’ Cowards, Overrated, Failed Generals and said John McCain was not a Hero, because he got captured.  Not once has Rep. Stefanik demanded that President Trump apologize for his vicious verbal attacks on people who took an oath to defend our great nation, and then did so, with honor. Her silence has emboldened President Trump to step up his attacks on military veterans. This is a demonstration of cowardice, a trait Elise Stefanik and Donald Trump share.” 

Michelle Tolosky, Retired USAF 1st. SGT, West Chazy

 “I served in uniform for 34 years during both peace and war. In fact, I am still fighting Vietnam because of Agent Orange. To have a President label us as suckers and losers set a new low. He should have had to say goodbye just one time to a friend/fellow soldier in a body bag as I had to do and call him a sucker. Further, to remain silent as Russia sets a bounty on American soldiers is totally unacceptable. This President and those who support him have no place in our government. Silence is support!” 

–Colonel Dennis Bulger, Retired, Colton

“Congresswomen Stefanik’s silence on the issue of formidable intelligence gathered confirming Russian bounties being placed on U.S. troops’ lives gives clarity to the root of her true intentions. Her inability to speak for those who have dedicated their lives to the safety of this country is nothing less than condemnable. This failure is a double rupture of cascading and consistent nonperformance. Service members past, present, and future deserve better than this.” 

–USAF Staff Sergeant, Tess Moulton, Wells 


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