Tedra Cobb’s Statement on the State of the Union

Last night we heard from an unpredictable President who says one thing and does another, much like Elise Stefanik, who claims to care about her constituents while taking huge sums from the hedge fund managers and corporations who she truly serves.

We heard another round of grand promises and proposals from a leadership whose actual policies hinder real solutions to complex problems. President Trump paid lip service to bipartisanship and advocated for misguided punitive approaches to the opioid crisis and immigration reform, while ignoring the challenges of climate change and providing accessible healthcare for all. In fact, the Republican House applauded policies that strip away millions of people’s healthcare and take money from paychecks while rewarding the wealthiest. Meanwhile they’ve failed to pass a budget, willfully obstructing forward progress and putting people’s livelihoods at risk. We see through this charade.

The President’s agenda continues to:

  • Widen the gap between rich and poor
  • Place increasing burdens on state, county and municipal governments
  • Eliminate access to quality healthcare for millions of Americans
  • Accelerate the growth of our already massive national deficit
  • Diminish our standing in the world
  • Strip many of our national parks and monuments of their status and resources
  • Limit the free speech and inhibit the work of scientists, public health officials, and education experts
  • Repeal protections for clean air and water that will cause irreparable harm to our environment and economy

Our system of government is under threat as this administration and Congress defunds, dismantles, and de-legitimizes vital government agencies: The Department of State, the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Education and The National Institute of Health. The President spoke of “removing government officials” with disregard. Routine attacks on the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the free press erode our cherished democracy.

Gerrymandering and Citizens United place the the interests of wealthy donors and powerful incumbents first, while the rest of us are left behind. These actions, perpetrated and condoned by our elected leaders, will harm our communities in the short term and they will impact generations to come.

Where has Elise Stefanik been as our public institutions are unraveling? It’s her job to use her Constitutional powers to check and balance other branches of government and to ensure that the policies put forward are in the best interests of the constituents she is sworn to serve. Where has Elise Stefanik been when the working families of Northern NY have had to work even harder to stay above water? Where has she been as our small businesses and downtowns struggle to survive? She fails to show leadership and to fight for the interests of NY-21, even as her party and President advance policies that harm her constituents.

We must defend our democracy and deliver on our promises to future generations. Northern New Yorkers need a Congresswoman in Washington who will be committed to constituents by working to:

  • Make healthcare affordable and portable for everyone
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs and health care premiums, and increase access to high quality medical care
  • Provide economic opportunity through job retraining and workforce development by incentivizing workers to train in critical fields
  • Protect our natural resources and embrace renewable energy as the way forward
  • Boost growing economic sectors that are focused on the jobs of the future
  • Modernize our public works and communications infrastructure without burdening local communities
  • Ensure that tax breaks always benefit working people
  • Protect our earned benefits such as Social Security and Medicare
  • Confront the opioid crisis as a public health crisis and fund evidence-based treatment & interventions, not only spend on enforcement
  • Achieve pay parity for our active duty military by raising their wages to reflect the value of their work in the private sector
  • Work with veterans and employers to understand the value of their transferable skills

I am running for Congress to deliver for you, not a hedge fund. I will defend our Democratic system, which gives power to the voters and holds elected officials accountable to their constituents above all. I bring integrity to leadership and will fight for good government. Send me to Washington and I will work tirelessly, putting patriotism above party, to solve the problems that we face. Together we can deliver on the promise of a better future for our children.

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