Going to extremes to cast our votes!

Because we believe that this is one of the most important elections in our lifetime, we have gone to extremes to cast our votes for Tedra Cobb.

On October 17, two days before our absentee ballots arrived at our address, my wife Jo Ann and I left the US for a cruise in Europe. Because we wanted to be sure that our votes would be cast and counted, we had a friend pick up our mail (including the absentee ballots) and send it overnight express mail ($25) to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who would be joining us in Rome for the second half of our cruise.

Yesterday, during a severe wind and rain storm in Civitavecchia, Italy, Jo Ann and I trekked on foot across the city to a Poste Italiane to airmail our absentee ballots to Jefferson County ($8). The attached photo shows us in the moment before we cast our votes, for Tedra, of course. (The winds were so fierce there yesterday that gusts to 88 mph caused our ship’s lines to the pier to snap, leaving us adrift in the harbor until our crew and three emergency tugboats rescued us and guided us back to the pier.)

Voting in the US is a right. We believe that in this election, it is a right worth paying for. The $33 spent to cast our votes will have been worth every dollar when Tedra becomes our Congresswoman.

Perhaps the extremes we have gone to will inspire others to make it a point to cast their vote.

In the 21st Congressional District, electing Tedra will be electing someone who actually lives in the district and pays taxes in the district, and who has been and will continue to be responsive to the unique needs of the people in our district. Tedra will work tirelessly, as she has in the primary and election, to insure continued heath care for ALL of her constituents, unlike her opponent whose vote in Congress will cause some 64,000 in the district to lose their health care. We all need a Congresswoman who we can talk to, and who listens when we talk. That’s why we are voting for Tedra!

Larry Golden

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