December 15, 2017 Article

North Country Democrats feel emboldened by Alabama victory

Candidates say it’s possible to defeat Stefanik

Stephen Williams
The Daily Gazette
December 15, 2017

Cobb, a former St. Lawrence County legislator who had raised the second most money of any Democrat, $129,000 through last July, said she is encouraged by the Democratic victory in the Virginia governor’s race in November, as well as Jones’ win last Tuesday over controversial Republican Roy Moore. Moore in the final weeks of the race was accused of sexually harassing underage girls. Despite the lurid nature of allegations against Moore, Cobb said Democrats have won on the issues.

“I think politicians think voters won’t notice that they’re voting against local priorities,” Cobb said. “[Stefanik’s] betting that we won’t notice they’re voting for the closing of local hospitals, cutting off of health care for local people, to reduce restrictions on corporate polluters, and then there’s this horrendous tax bill. But they noticed in Virginia, they noticed in Alabama, and we notice in northern New York. The voters are paying attention.”

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