February 21, 2018 Release

Tedra Cobb’s Response to Another Candidate Entering the Race in NY-21

For Immediate Release
CONTACT: Ruth Fein 518.858.7329, rfein23@yahoo.com
February 21, 2018

“More candidates entering the race doesn’t change a thing for me. This campaign is about who will best serve the women and men, families and workers of Northern NY. It’s about the people whose hospital clinics and nursing homes Elise Stefanik voted to close; about our neighbors whose wages and economic prospects have stalled while Elise Stefanik has been in Washington. And, it’s about electing someone who knows them, who understands their issues first hand; who knows from experience how to effectively work with and for them – across political views. We have nearly 1,000 donors and hundreds of volunteers at work representing thousands of families who know they need more than they are getting from Congress today. They are why I am in this race.”

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